QuinceTC school

QuinceTC is a private Spanish as a second language school where the focus is on the students’ desired outcome. We ensure that the learner has an enjoyable educational experience through immersion in Spanish culture.

Our individualized approach to each of our student’s needs is key to ensuring that they feel welcome and comfortable with us at QuinceTC.


City of León

Our school is in the heart of the medieval city of León, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of the same name. León is a city rich in history, located in the middle of El Camino de Santiago. About two hours from Madrid, León has monuments, museums, food culture, mountains, and plenty of traditions. This is true not only of León, but also of the neighbouring cities such as Astorga and Ponferrada.

Named Spanish Gastronomy Capital in 2018, León is a walkable, friendly city that is a pleasure to visit. Famous for its tapas, Easter parades, beef jerky, limonada, los pendones, and the Holy Grail, León is simply enchanting.


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E-mail: info@quincetc.es